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Having sex in shanghai – Shanghai nightlife


Shanghai nightclubs guide.
If you stay in one of the bigger hotels with a night club you can be sure a companion waits for you, if you like, but also for sure it’s pure money business, whatever is been told and done and this is not negotiable once the price has been fixed.
Despite China's ban on prostitution and occasional crackdowns, in cities throughout the country entertainment venues from neighborhood karaoke bars to neighborhood karaoke bars to five-star hotels offer under-the-table services to male clients. But the Shanghai massage parlors stand out in the sex service scene because they target and live off a group of expatriates.
“You get a lot of married but single Japanese people in Shanghai,” said a foreign-born lawyer who has lived in Shanghai seven years.


''More than in any other city in China you find that (prostitution) is more targeted toward Japanese people,'' he said.


Shanghai's massage scene attracts Japanese expatriates because the prices are lower than those in Japan and the service is just as professional, a staff member of the local Japan External Trade Organization said. He said that the massages, including a light-touch, oil-free set called ''Japanese style,'' can soothe overworked businessmen.


The Japanese-language entertainment magazine ''My City'' runs ads from 18 massage parlors. Half want men only or charge more than 500 RMB for service. An editor at the magazine editor said it was likely some of the parlors offered illegal services but did not know how many. Shanghai lets the parlors operate because they keep the sexual services quiet or, in some cases, because they are run by government departments, the lawyer said.


Massage parlor employees normally decline to discuss specific services by phone, saying they do not know exactly what they are or suggesting an in-person visit for an introduction. They welcome Japanese clients with quiet cleanliness, Japanese-style furnishings and Japanese-language service.


''The Japanese work hard, they get tired and there's a lot of work stress,'' said a staff member surnamed Zhang with the 24-hour Beautiful Women Workshop massage parlor. Zhang declined to describe her job but said all services were legal.


What's on at Nightlife in Shanghai

You are probably not familiar with Chinese culture and nightlife; one is for sure it is closely linked in particular since the 18. Century when nightlife in China started to integrated ideas and behaviors of western style nightlife, actually it is not much different but there are some other ideas. Nightlife in Shanghai and China in general is full of fun and excitement, bars nightclubs, dance clubs and halls, opera-shows, live music etc. Almost every 5 star hotel has a bar and other entertainment venues.


Aside of nightclub style entertainment you could see a Peking Opera, acrobatics (very popular in China), some dances and singing or hit the disco. At those places other tourists and locals are around with similar ideas. In recent year great looking theme pubs, exotic bars with totally unique styles brought nightlife in Shanghai to new heights.


Nightlife in Shanghai is a bit different to after sunset life in other parts of Asia. Especially the girls are in a different environment such as Shanghai hotel bars and barber shops.
Bar's in Shanghai are plenty, A hot spot in the moment is bar rouge Shanghai and cloud 9 bar in Shanghai, I don't know if they are still on cloud 9 after they see the bill. But what can we do, everyone has its desire.
Nightclubs in Shanghai are naturally to gain merit, but not the Buddhist type of merit, it's the ego type of merit, means what? Money, money, money!!  If you want to keep your face up have a look at the face bar in Shanghai, the glamour bar Shanghai is also not bad, but what a little ice in the cognac in the ice bar Shanghai? Stretch it in the long bar Shanghai.
If you are fed up with the Manhattan bar Shanghai -as if there is Manhattan in Shanghai- have a look for other night life spots in Shanghai and some real nightclubs in Shanghai where they make it under the table manually and oral, you don't trust me? Its standard procedure, trust me!! Keep in mind, when the nightlife heat is on and the money winking everything is possible, here and now!


Nightlife in Shanghai was always the real thing in China, forget the communists, they are in Beijing, Shanghai is not Beijing or?


Shanghai bars are legend and Shanghai bar girls even beat the Thai Bar girls in terms of how fast the money of the client is extracted. Shanghai china nightlife and Shanghai night clubs have reached the climax of pulling clients money, they even beat Hong Kong's Club Volvo where the mama san pull money in the 20 minute tact, reminds me to Johann Straus, the Vienna Waltz and the three quarter tact, in China it's the 20 minute tact, what a capitalistic adventure ?


Shanghai nightclubs can still be a great experience but be careful with the bar girls since the times runs fast in Shanghais tunnel bar, very dark, and other milking establishments


Shanghai bars takes on many forms. Shanghai is one of China's top china nightlife destinations and as such there is a great range of nightspots in Shanghai. Although nightlife is not on the same level as Bangkok, it won’t mean you won't be able to find somewhere and someone to have fun. Shanghai clubs, Shanghai discos and Shanghai entertainment are just depending on how big is your wallet.


There is not so much on Shanghai gay nightlife, if you want this direction talk with the hotel bell man and he will handle this with the taxi driver to bring you to the right Shanghai night club, don't be shy. The "butterflies" are very lively in the big international hotels, if you like it simpler just walk down Shanghai's Nanjing Road after 9 pm and listen to the lady whisperers.


You might get a lot of fun or maybe not, it’s a matter of money like everywhere in China, money rules and nothing else. Plenty of Shanghai girls are so beautiful and also very materialistic minded. There are countless bar girls and sex, but it’s usually nice, so what? Nightlife in Shanghai is very colorful, beside of the above mentioned nightlife scene are other nightlife things to do in Shanghai.


What about to listen to a concert of  the Shanghai Philharmonic Society, maybe having a look for the Acrobatic Troup or the Shanghai Yueju Opera Group.


There are dance halls, discotheques and bars full with pretty girls, many of the entertainment venues have life music with singers and bands. In the city many international cultural and art festivals are celebrated.

Nightlife Shanghai is nothing new; it’s just repeating itself since the opening up of China after the hardliner communists got the slip.


Similar but more contemporary night entertainment spots reemerged in different localities and new decoration plus new techniques, in the 19. Century until the 193x no multimedia, and electronics were available, now it is and they are heavily used, that includes bars with bar girls, karaoke parlors, dance halls plus the notorious barber shops, saunas and since recently spa’s. Actually only since about ten years there is some big investment into the later mentioned. Chinese and Shanghai nightlife was banned by the communist during the 195x and it started again in the 198x. What communists don understand is nobody can change the human nature whether neither Mao nor his friends Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and Pinochet. They all went down the drain sooner or later, nightlife survived and communist where busted since communism is inhuman and has no chance to survive in an evolution driven society.


If you want it quiet, peaceful and romantic visit a Chinese teahouse, actually not all of them are quiet, and some function only as front-end for some hanky-panky business of the manual type or with full body action. Girls are plenty, tourist are plenty, let’s have some fun, check the prices first !


Nightlife in Shanghai is not much different to other cities in China or to cities in other parts of Asia with a high amount of Chinese population. It’s been there since hundreds of years in different disguises and got more a negative attribute with the influence of philosophies such as Christianity and Islam? The Buddhism was always more directed to reality taking nightlife just as a normal part of living, the others mentioned do not share this few. But what do we care about some people from the dessert and the so called "levante", Buddhism is culture, the others are repressions.

What about wan in Mandarin, indicating nightlife fun by any means, short and not so short together with western music, actually today western Hip Hop and Rock is dominating together with Chinese songs naturally.


Shanghai Nightlife today often functions as a means to show, he look here I have lots of money. How to show the people you have plenty of money? Ok, use it, buy a Ferrari and a great house or apartment and spend it in a lavish Shanghai nightclub with some pretty girls, they like it, you like so what could be better. Some additional spice is added by foreign tourists and business people who usually have a good expenses account to be used for pleasure and girls pleasure is never far, just have a look in any bigger hotel bar you will find at least a dozen "butterfly" of the night, but be careful they are real tough, not such soft things as in Thailand Nightlife, Cambodia or Myanmar Nightlife.


Shanghai nightlife with senior citizen dances are nothing special to the city and China in general, just have a look in any tradition Chinese society and you can see the same. Very recent fun of this type you can see at Georgetown Malaysia on Penang island, there are Chinese food courts with music and open air dancing just similar to the dance hall, but without the ceiling, it’s only the open air dance floor. This is nothing special to older urban residents for some nostalgic behavior it’s just here and not forgotten, because the people like it. 


Resource: shanghai-central.com